La Rotisserie, Zurich

The second restaurant I try in Zurich is a place called La Rotisserie by the river. There are several restaurants in the same building. I was lost for a while struggling to find the entry. I were very pleased since it was a sunny day and the restaurant has an... [Read More]
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Widder, Zurich

I was on trip to visit my friend in Zouz, while staying in Zurich for a few days. I took the chance to book a few restaurants in town, and Widder is one of them. [Read More]
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New job

Work in Arm for a month now

Although I have not had my viva (defence) of my PhD, I already left Imperial College London and am working in Arm Research. So far, I am enjoying the new job :). In comparison to my PhD, in which I focus on very theoretic aspect of computer science, the task... [Read More]
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