I learnt by the end that they change menu everyday based on what is available in their own gardens in the north of England. For the purpose of a reference, here is the menu I got, yet, unfortunately, I will give an average score for the set I get.

The restaurant is in the heart of London, a bit north to Soho. It converts the ground floor of a old thin house to a restaurant, where the living room facing the road is now a bar and the back extension is an open kitchen dinning area. I came with a friend who are very tall, around 2 meter. It looks to me that my friend is a bit struggling to seat in either in the bar area or in the dinning area, because the seats are a bit close to each others or to the walls.

Nevertheless, let talks about the food itself. I actually enjoy the series of the beginning starter dishes, The Bone Broth, Scallop and Mylor Shrimp. The Bone Broth was a very light soup with a very Japan or Chinese style seasoning. Although my friend found it a bit of “meh”. The following Scallop is probably one of my favourite. It had a very pleasant pink colour from rhubarb, contrasting to the almost no-cook scallop. The dish tasted very fresh but with hint of rhubarb. The scallop itself was very tender and smooth. Last fish starter is Mylor Shrimp. The raw shrimp was served with with some sorbet and some decorating and edible flower and herb. It tasted, similar to the previous scallop, light and even more fresh. One thing I might complain is that it is too liquid-ish. In fact many dishes here are towards the liquid-ish end, so I may say it is the style here? After the fish starters, the dishes become more creamy, or too creamy to me. I may argue that it is in the winter, to some extend, so creamy dishes is good? For example, there is a lobster in foaming. It was not very memorable but, sure, lobster. Then the main dishes are pigeon and, you guess correctly, Wagyu beef. I have noticed the pigeon smoked and cooked at the corner of the open kitchen since the beginning of the evening. The chef later shown us the uncut pigeon. I had a high expectation since, however, I was disappointed. We basically get a bit of everything from the pigeon such as meat and heart. Though do I remember the taste? Unfortunately, I would say no. Last, I would complain the cheese course! I have specifically inform a service person that I dislike large piece of cheese. I was told it will be just a small slice and the worst case you can just leave it alone. However, the dish is just a slice of cake and a slice of cheese next to it: if I like cheese, it is boring, and if I dislike cheese, it is also boring.

For summary, it is an just ok restaurant for me, because many dishes were looked like need a bit more work. However, I have been told the change menu daily, so I guess it is different from those restaurants changing menu every quarter. Anyway, I enjoy the experience partially because I came with friend who drunk a bit too much, (I am talking about you, Mr. David U.:>) and he was a bit not behavioured by the end which is cute to some extend. Luckily it is a very homie and cosy restaurant, so I hoped we do not disturb others.