Well, well, and well, I live in Cambridge myself, so I feel the need to support local business. However, sadly, I did not like the set I got.

I had a dinner serve with a friend. I was sorry for being around ten minutes late while my friend arrive before me. We are seated in the conservation extension of the building, but the heating was not very good. The lighting is a bit “old”, not warm nor modern nor focused, while I can only interpreted as a “boring” British home style. Though the first impression was not good, it is rude to complain on that.

Let jump into the food. The overall theme is probably duck, since I got several dishes with duck ingredients, e.g., butter with duck fat (no picture), and starting light bite with duck jelly. The latter dish is too jelly to me. Also, it is a bit cold when it served; remember that it was an evening in the winter and the heating was not very warm. To be fair, duck is very flexible ingredient. However, the seasoning here was not very interesting, all too the rich and creamy end, like many common duck-related food one can get from less expensive restaurants. The main dish was, surprisingly and unsurprisingly, duck. It is an interesting presentation on the plate but unfortunately that was it. By then, I already tired and bored because all the previous dishes of the same style with the same seasoning. Last, I misjudged the cheese course before dessert. I totally forget there will be a cheese course, first of all. Yet if I knew it were a relative large piece of cheese with sorbet, I would have asked them to changed it, because I am not a big fan of large volume of cheese at all.

This was definitely not a good experience for me, nor to my friend given the price. I am not sure the reason here. I may guess they have better menu in the summer or my personal taste does not match their style?