This was a fun restaurant!

I had some difficulty to find the restaurant since there is no sign or I might miss the sign. I believed the restaurant tried to contact me but I was on international roaming so probably missed or never got the call. The site is a bar at the front and the open kitchen restaurant at the back. We were offered drinks while waiting for other reservation in the bar.

The main restaurant is a relative small room offering maximum 10-12 seats I was pleased they printed our names on cards for all seats; they did some “homework” for sure. It is also a cosy restaurant with a small kitchen, and the chef is actually talking to us. I am always a quiet customer and prefer not talking too much. The chef did notice that and spent more time on entertaining other customers.

My favourite dishes all included pasta. The first one is pasta with truffle. Though the flavour is as expected, it is well-executed and the presentation is cute. It does not try to show off offering way to much truffle. The light seasoning allows the customer to taste all ingredient and pasta itself. The dish after is a salmon with pasta as the base. I thought it will be too creamy but it is not, and in fact I like it. The salmon is not fully cooked, which add a bit texture, and some beacon drizzles and the pasta at the base give extra layers too. All the ingredients are sounded very “breakfast”, but it is also part of the reason I like this dish: using the sample things, and playing and balancing the flavour. One of the main course is Wagyu beef with, of course, pasta. This is a dish I will rework a bit. I enjoy the pasta part, as they are slightly firm hence adds more texture. However, I personally feel that the fat on the edge is slightly too much. They could saturate the fat a bit more just on the edge or cut them out.

In all, I really enjoy this place. All the presentation is entertaining: the chef and cooks give a small show in front of customers before each dish. Also, I do not need to decide but the service charge percentage is directly included in the bill; I am always anxious about the precentage when travelling to USA. One thing I should mention is that they do two fixed-time serves in the evening, which is obviously for better profit. This means that I had to be there and leave in relatively fixed times and they give relatively short time to finish each dishes and short gap between dishes too. Yet I will not complain too much on this and highly recommend this place.