Just to put it at the very beginning. I enjoyed this restaurant than my visit to Midsummer House a few months ago, also in Cambridge. The restaurant operates in a very small building next to a main road. However once I stepped in, it was actually quiet.

The menu was relative small but I found it was interesting, especially lamb as a starter and pork as the main. It makes sense, to a degree, that the price of this set is £115, compared to many Michelin star restaurants charging £200+ for a set. However the use of lamb and pork made me curious. The first dish was already very interesting, comprising radish, blood orange and habanero, a type of chilli. Though the taste is a bit light, where slightly more salt or acid seasoning would help here, the presentation and the colours are very attractive. However, I should mention that I grew up with a lot of chilli food, hence I cannot taste much the habanero. After that, it was the lamb! It was as expected but also with a bit of twist. At the first glance, it looked like the traditional lamb with mint, which I can get from many restaurants and pubs. However, if you looked closely, they pair lamb with seaweed in particular, which is not a common ingredient in U.K., (but probably more common for Asian culture). I also enjoyed a lot the pork main dish, a pork sirloin and a cheek. It was very surprised the pork sirloin was still a bit pink but it actually tasted very tender and nice. All the fruity seasoning really brought out and contrasted the pork very well. The cheek was less interesting here but it probably added a bit of various here. The only criticise was the dessert is a bit normal (pictures are not given), but it was understandable given the price and the excellent starter and main dishes.

I went here with a friend; we also went to Midsummer House previous together. We were all very happy on the set and believe it was a great place to visit.

Update: congratulate that they get a Michelin star.