The second restaurant I try in Zurich is a place called La Rotisserie by the river. There are several restaurants in the same building. I was lost for a while struggling to find the entry. I were very pleased since it was a sunny day and the restaurant has an amazing view to the outside.

The menu is a mixed of set menu and a la carte. While for me, I went for the brainless option, i.e., the full course set menu. Before jumping to the food part, I found the service is a bit slow. However, it is lunch service and I careless on those so-call fancy service, hence I will not complaining any on this. Separately, the menu is also short, only six dishes, and of a minimised description; this was the same case in Widder. I did enjoy reading this style, simple and straight to the point.

The first dish I will recommend is Breton Lobster. Instead of the stereotyped rich flavour when serving lobster, the seasoning was very light and paired with melon. Although I doubt they invented this combination, they definitely executed very well. It gave me a sense of foresting spring in the winter time. The first main, Luma Pork Belly, was an interesting dish to me. Pork belly is a very common ingredient in China—I grew up in mainland China—yet it often get too fatty or too dry with a meaty end sauce. However, this dish here is a very Asian seasoning, Kim-chi, Garlic, and fresh herb. I also enjoyed a lot on the freshness end seasoning and I could still taste both the muscle and fat.

Last, the entire set closed with a dessert combining savoury and sweat, which is a big plus for me, since I dislike most only-sweat dessert given my Chinese tongue (Surely I did not finish the final sweat bites for coffee and tea). Also, I like the plate: black but textured surface.

Overall, I like this restaurant, thought the service is slightly slow, possibly due to lunch service and there are many tables occupied. I always only want to judge by the food; to this end, this place is as expected. One of the big big plus here is the amazing view, if looking for impressing your plus-one, partner or family.