I was on trip to visit my friend in Zouz, while staying in Zurich for a few days. I took the chance to book a few restaurants in town, and Widder is one of them.

My flight got delayed which left me only an hour between Zurich Airport and Widder. I, unfortunately, also picked the wrong public transport, the tram, rather than the train. It turned out to be a nice little trip glancing the night and darker view of the town (It was winter time). However, it means I did not have time to check in my hotel but directly went to the restaurant.

I arrived precisely at 20:00, with my small luggage, after walking through the old town and searching for the entry. The restaurant is on the first floor (starting from the ground floor). The open kitchen is facing the front door, which is a bit of show since some ingredients are probably prepared during the day. They have a separate room inside, that is probably a lounge in the past. I was surprised I get a fairly large table, given that other customers with families or friends only getting relatively smaller round or square tables.

The full menu has only 6 dishes, but of course, small bites at beginning and at the ending “cafe” moment. The chef surpassingly served mostly fish dishes; Obviously Zurich is a very inland city. Maybe it is the way to be considered posh or fine dining. I can see a similar menu served in places such as Thailand, but here in Zurich it is a way of presenting some surprise. They used seasoning like Tom Yum, for example, i.e., Langoustino, which I really enjoyed. The next fish dish was presented in a very cute way, Algarve Red Mullet & Squid. I can see the chef put a lot of effort to make it look like modern art. In term of the seasoning, it has mix of freshness and acidity tastes. The mullet and squid definitely provide two different but also interesting textures.

The only thing I may mention is that all the dished are towards a bit of too acidic side for me, as they use a lot of fruit ingredients and some with strong herbs. My lips got a bit sensitive by the end; it may be likely to be the delayed flight and I get no rest. Nevertheless, I will recommend the place without doubt.