This was a unplanned restaurant while I was visiting Venice with a friend. Unfortunately, he is a vegetarian so I went here by myself. The restaurant is located west Venice, by a small river. I went for the dinner serve, though I could imagine it will be a nice view in the day time.

I was the first customer for that night while there were a lot of waiters welcoming me. I got a small table next to a window though facing the court rather than the river. Interestingly, it is a stone table without tablecloth. It is slightly different vibe from many other fine-dining places: it is a very bright environment. Also there are a lot of decorations.

The menu is also simple containing a few different sets; I went for the larger set including eight dishes. Before serving the dishes in the menu, I got several light snacks. One of the snack was especially fun, in a very small Dutch pot shaped container (the left in the picture). I was told to directly use my finger, like when we were kids. The taste was very light and also felt warm. The first dish I found attractive was pink oyster and pomegranate. In other places, the oyster is often a small bite, and emphasises the freshness. However, the chef here put some fruity seasoning. In fact, the initial pomegranate flavour covers the oceanic flavour of the raw oyster, which might put off customers if they do not have raw oyster often, and then the sweet of oyster came out. The presentation it self is also well thought, in a round plate but a rectangle cut and the pink colour was very attractive. The next dish, though it is not on the menu, was amazing! It was a simple tomato pasta. While I cannot remember the detailed of three types of tomatoes in the sauce, the taste was stunning. I could taste the bitterness, sweetness and sourness of the various tomatoes. The sauce was in the perfect texture, not too pasty but still being able to taste tomato fibre. The paste itself also balanced the enormous layers of flavour and toned down the dish very well. I have to say the pasta is the absolute highlight for my night. The rest dishes in the menu were executed very well and in the expected standard.

This was a restaurant holding it standard with some nice highlight dishes. The table services, just like many Italian restaurants, were very good.