This was a restaurant I did not make any plan for. It is a very small restaurant with a upper deck facing the front door and a lower deck facing the kitchen serving window. I should have mentioned it is a relative cheaper restaurant compared to many other fine-dining restaurants.

The set started from an editable paper, which was probably made from rice or/and flour. A piece of novel was printed on the paper too. It was a cute way to entertain customers. After the reading, I got two small bread for opening up the stomach. Instead of butter, they are paired with thin slice of pork fat. I really enjoy the combination, though the bread is too large for my mouth while the pork fat is bite into two pieces. The main part of the set is as expected given the price range: a deep fry tempera-style vegetable with a bit of soup, ravioli, pork small bites, and the main dish, which I unfortunately forget the meat ingredient. All the dishes were as expected, while some of the meat were slightly overcooked. However, I liked the dessert, especially the olive oil flavour ice-cream with caviar! The chef balanced the salty and sweet very well. The extra caviar added extra texture and oceanic flavour. If I remember correctly, there were also a bit lemon concentrate drizzle on top.

This is probably a short post. However, I had a relaxing evening there; it was a surprised restaurant, given the price range. This is why I enjoy travelling alone, I have pretty much no bound, fully on my own pace.