This is a nice restaurant around Institution Nationale Des Invalides. Since it is a lunch serve, I only get menu for a la carte. There are many seafood dishes. I was intriguing to order “Catch of the day”, though I felt it is probably too much for one person. I was worrying the portion of the food here, hence I only ordered “Blue lobster from Brittany”. I really enjoy the restaurant’s atmosphere: certainly expensive, but welcoming to some extend. During my lunch, more costumers arrive; they were certainly dressing casual.

It came with two part, the side contains the meat from legs and closed to head. I think it was grilled but I can still taste the freshness of the lobster, meaning a bit sweetness. I was not sure if there were also a bit of eggs to make the taste more interesting, however there were some ingredients slightly crunchy. It was an interesting side dish, though not impressive. Well, let’s focus on the main dishes, which I liked a lot. It was a very simple dish: lobster and potatoes. However the seasoning and cooking were very subtle. The potatoes was just like ice-cream, easily cutting through without much resistance and smooth like cream. Also, I could still taste the potato and only potato, that is, I think it was not potato mixing with something else to create the illusion of texture. I believed the chef spending time to steam, boil or the combination of those two ways or some other way to carefully cook the potato. The ingredient itself was probably a big factor, too. Then, the lobster was fresh, of very strong seasoning, but yet not over killed by the sauce. It was a small piece but definitely the best part, fresh texture and fresh taste. The sauce is probably from the skeleton of the lobster and mix with herb and probably butter. I originally thought the sauce might be a bit running, but it actually coated well on the potato and lobster. The only think I might complain, it was a bit salty given I did not drink any wine.

It was a quick lunch for me, but I liked this place. I will certainly visit again if I am in Paris.