Il Ristorante - Niko Romito is a kinds of a “chain” restaurant, an expensive one. The Shanghai branch is located at 47th floor of Bulgari Hotel. The restaurant put more focus on the view and service in my opinion than the food themselves. The menu seems to be a collection of popular dishes from other Niko Romito in other sites. Everything is very expensive looking without doubt. However, frankly, I was not impressed at all and I think the problem is exactly in the menu, stitching dishes in a set.

My favourite in the entire set is probably the pasta. It was simple and nicely executed. The cardinal prawns was fresh, sauce was in ideal texture, and pasta was cook just about right. Well another thing I like was actually the olive oil for the bread. I asked the lady served my table, who was actually younger than me and came from the Hunan province, where I grew up. She said it is a special olive oil that are only available for the Bulgari Hotel. It has very bitter taste, which I enjoyed a lot when pairing with relatively hard bread.

In all, it is only a restaurant in the expectation. I would even say it is towards the expensive end, if I only judge the dishes.