This is a small restaurant and hotel in edge of Cambridge, namely Fen Ditton. Although it is different to compare here with many other restaurants in my posts, but given the friendly price, I will recommend it. I went with a close friend and we all thought it is a nice place.

The menu is mostly a la carte but they also provide set menu. For us, we went for the latter. Among 5-6 dishes we got, a pea mousse made me very happy. The mousse had very smooth texture, with a summer vegetable flavour rather than sugary sweet. A small spoon of ice-cream added a bit milky and creamy flavour, and then the top decoration of pea shoots reminded me my own garden, where I also grow some pea. It was probably the most well-thought dish in the set, since the plate is likely to be a special chosen one, too. After this we also got a salad kind of dish, which also follows the sense of vegetable and green. This time was paired with sun dried tomatoes and a small potato. It is true that the chef can cut the most tender part of the stems, though I found myself not mind much. Of course, if he spends more time on polishing every dish to absolutely perfect, the price tag will not be under £100. I did get a bit disappointed by the main beef, where the main problem is the sauce is a bit too liquid. Also, I could tell they do not have a good thought on the dessert. Both main beef and desserts’ pictures are not given in the post.

However, I want to say this is still a worth to visit place in my opinion. It is a very relax and family place. You do not feel the need to dress up in fancy and formal clothes. You can simply walk in on a weekend and enjoy a nice lunch or dinner.