Although I have not had my viva (defence) of my PhD, I already left Imperial College London and am working in Arm Research. So far, I am enjoying the new job :). In comparison to my PhD, in which I focus on very theoretic aspect of computer science, the task in Arm Research are slightly differently:

  • More practical projects. This is possibly trivial, in the sense that Arm Research as a big term is supposed to produce values to the company, and therefore, we need to build the so-called deliverables, such as prototypes, specifications and even negative results.
  • Mix of tasks. We need manage our time in an efficient way between multiple tasks including pushing the projects, exploring new stuff, meeting and logistics. It is very likely we will work on something that are completely new to ourselves; hence it is our daily task to learn new techniques/concepts as fast as possible.

Last, we, as Arm Research, are already interesting in hosting interns. Ideally, we prefer PhD students, but master or even undergraduate students are also welcome. From my personally experience, internship in Arm Research is a mix of engineer and research, this is in contrast to other places where internship is mainly an engineering task.